The following are the accounts of my late mother, Rosita Zamora, way back in 2001 before she passed away.

Although at that time, my mother was already 89 years old, she still had very sharp mind and I am sure that most of her accounts were very accurate. But should there be some inaccuracies, please rectify using the Comments box.

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Thank you.


On my father’s side: his parents were Gorio Cayabyab (from San Carlos, Pangasinan) and Bruna Sarmiento. Unfortunately, my mother could only remember Rufino Cayabyab as being a brother of Gorio Cayabyab.

The sons and daughter of Gorio Cayabyab and Bruna Sarmiento are:

1. Basilio (married to Marciana Santos)
2. Aniego (married to Bari Dantes)
3. Bruscio (married to Mauricia Sandoval)
4. Hilario (married to Pasing Mananquil)
5. Esteban (married to Lucila Capinguian)
6. Propitisa (married to Hilario Biag)
7. Rogaciano (married to Rosita Zamora)
8. Raymundo (married to Lucia Siron)
9. Monico (married to Sinang delos Santos)
10. Sotero (married to Serafina Zamora)

Hispanic family names

Up to now, there are still amongst us who think, because their family names sound and spell like Spanish, they are descendants of Spaniards – be these “conquistadores”, creoles, illustrados or other Spaniards of pre-American era.

We really don’t have anything against Spanish or anything related to Spain.

But wouldn’t be a great idea that we associate our family names with the richness of Philippine history like when Filipinos were ordered to take up family names based on an edict by Governor-General Claveria in 1849.

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